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Commission terms

Based on rich entertainment games, we provide rich agent commission for you who are willing to promote members, and the appointed time system will calculate the commission for you every week, and according to the terms and conditions of the bonus will be paid to the member's account, the commission can be paid directly without washing the code.Be sure to confirm that your member account and financial information are correct and valid, otherwise you cannot withdrawal

agencycommission = membercommission + teamcommission
Promotion agency commission Direct member commission Team commission

1. Calculating commission for direct members

Total effective amount of directly×1‰

2. Calculating commission for team

Total effective amount of team×0.1‰

3. Acting valid member guarantee

Settle every Monday, no less than "Active Member"0 persons or above
(A valid member must have a deposit record for 30 days, and the non-active member's effective amount is not included in the commission)

commissionList1 commissionList2 commissionList3
You Direct report Team

For example: A member promotes B and C members, B member promotes D and E members, C member promotes F and G members, and A member commission =(B+C)×1‰ +(D+E+F+G)×0.1‰

  • Commission calculation time

  • Every monday

  • Commission time

  • Every Monday 18:00 before

    Every Monday 18:00 before

* We reserve the right to explain the terms of the event

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